Centre of the Chaos

Welcome Package - Introduction

The Storyteller and Narrator team would like to welcome you to the "Centre of the Chaos" Live Action Role Playing game. The booklet you hold in your hands will give you the basic information you need to take a more active part in our game as well as in other games around the world. It does not replace the Rulebooks that White Wolftm has released. The main rulebook used is "Laws of the Night: Revised".

We hope you enjoy reading this booklet. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at cliff_cotc@owbn.org or phone us at (204) 783-8385. We look forward to seeing you at many of our upcoming games and events. Games are held every second Saturday, and site fees are usually one to two dollars. However, occasionally we have special events, often in conjunction with socials or gaming conventions. These cost a little bit more.

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