Centre of the Chaos

Welcome Package - What Is OWBN?

One World By Night is just that - One World.

One World of volunteers that form a grassroots not-for-profit organization of loosely knit chronicles spanning the entire globe.

One World of opportunities for you to play your home chronicle characters at games just a few hours away, in many of your neighboring cities, or, for example, in great exotic places like New Zealand or Brazil!

One World of opportunities to have access to 30+ Email listservers that allow for nearly instantaneous communication with all the chronicles across the globe or just between your chronicle’s players.

One World of emphasis on a story that is meant for the enjoyment of the players, giving them whatever pleasures it might.

One World of infrastructure that exists to support all those associated within. Storytellers have access to hundreds of other storytellers to inspire and be inspired by. Players have access to thousands of other players to interact with, plot with and generally breathe life into what we call our One World By Night…

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