Centre of the Chaos

Welcome Package

Written and compiled by Cliff & Alex Stornel
Edited and proofread by
Cliff (Iíll Be Right There) Stornel,
Alex (Has no nickname) Stornel,
Iain (The Hoover) MacNair,
Richard (Scary old Man) Ellerton,
Tom (He Prefers Tomcat, We Prefer Quickie) Ireland
Terrakian (Know your Era) Wintermoon


  1. Introduction
  2. The Traditions
  3. Back Story of the Game
  4. What is the World of Darkness?
  5. E-mail Lists and Websites
  6. Netiquette
  7. Character Creation
  8. What Is OWBN?
  9. Strike System
  10. Experience Points
  11. Downtime
  12. Glossary