Centre of the Chaos

E-mail Lists and Websites

One World by Night makes amazing use of the Internet. The main website for One World by Night can be found at www.owbn.org. From this site you can find links leading you to a variety of different Chronicle websites around the world.

Centre of the Chaos also maintains a website that can be found at wpgchaos.tripod.com. On this site you can find a number of different links leading you to everything from other games to background information sites. All are well worth looking at.

Perhaps the thing that best makes One World by Night work is its extensive use of mail servers. You can find servers for everything. Each clan has at least one mailing list devoted to it. Most games have their own mailing lists. Many of the different groups and sects also have mailing lists that you can join.

Your best bet in finding the various mailing lists is to check the following sites: www.owbn.org and www.yahoogroups.com. Just please remember to follow the rules of netiquette and find out just how the list works. This will make it more enjoyable for you and for everyone else.

The fastest way one to our local mailing list "Wpgchaos" is to e-mail Cliff at cliff_cotc@owbn.org, and ask to be added to the list. You’ll receive a welcome message once you have been added to the list.


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