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Welcome Package - Character Creation

Character Concept

The most important part of any character is to have a clear concept in mind. The following is a list of questions you should ask yourself before making your character. The answers to each of the questions will help you to build your persona and role-play him/her once they are finished. Some of the questions actually come from an exercise for actors, to help them get into their role. Some questions seem pretty off the wall, but they will all make a difference in being able to perform realistic, consistent role-playing. Consider what the answers to these questions would have been when your character was a mortal, and then after they became a vampire (if applicable).

Questions 1 thru 59 should be answered from the point of view of your mortal self.

  1. What is his/her name?
  2. How old is he/she?
  3. Does he/she appear handsome, pretty, ugly? What is the first general impression you get?
  4. Does he or she have any abnormalities?
  5. Does he or she get along well with others?
  6. Does he or she accept responsibilities?
  7. Does he or she have any pets?
  8. Does he or she have any hobbies?
  9. Is/was he or she married, and what kind of relationship is/was it?
  10. How would this person react if they were the sole witness to a murder?
  11. Could he or she have any mental problems?
  12. What facial expressions does he/she most often use?
  13. Was he or she smart in their place of work or school?
  14. Would you consider this person sporty?
  15. Would you have considered this person to travel widely?
  16. What kind of food does/did this person like and why?
  17. Does this person like music, and what kind in particular?
  18. Does this person drink a lot?
  19. What do you think this person is like at home when nobody can see him?
  20. What kind of parents does this person have?
  21. Does he believe in God? If so what God or Gods?
  22. In whose company is this person most likely to be seen?
  23. What are this person's views on war?
  24. Is this person at all a musician?
  25. Does this person buy cheap or expensive things?
  26. What kind of colors would this person be seen wearing?
  27. What does this person think of Christmas?
  28. What makes this person laugh most of all?
  29. Does this person have any self-confidence?
  30. If this person is clumsy, what are they clumsy in doing?
  31. Does the person brag a lot?
  32. What does this person think of election results?
  33. Does this person get along with older people?
  34. What kind of clothes does this person wear?
  35. Does the person speak well or poorly?
  36. What would this person do if a beggar approached him or her on the street?
  37. What kind of house does the person live in?
  38. What kind of magazines does the person read?
  39. How would this person react if caught in a severe fire?
  40. What would be the person's favorite television program?
  41. Does this person live alone?
  42. What kind of future does the person have?
  43. What kind of temper does this person have?
  44. Is this person easily embarrassed? If so, how?
  45. What does the person think of Halloween?
  46. What season does the person like most of all? Why?
  47. Is the person superstitious?
  48. Would this person ever cry? Why?
  49. Would you consider this person easy going?
  50. Does this person express himself freely and quite clearly?
  51. What would this person do with an unlimited amount of money?
  52. What kind of fun could you have with this person?
  53. Does the person like snakes?
  54. What was the person like five years ago?
  55. Does this person like other people?
  56. What kind of weather does the person like? Why?
  57. What would this person do if stranded on a desert island?
  58. What kind of gathering of people is he likely to attend?
  59. What did you do for a living?

Answer the remaining questions as a vampire.

  1. Why were you Embraced?
  2. What is your attitude towards mortals? (Are they just cattle? Pawns? Inferior creatures? More?)
  3. How do you feed? (Stalking, seduction, Sandman, something else?)
  4. Do you ever kill your victims (and how do you think that affects your Humanity)?
  5. If you don't kill your victims, how do you protect the Masquerade while feeding?
  6. If you do kill them, how do you cover up the murders and disappearances?
  7. Are you willing to develop emotional ties with mortals?
  8. Are you willing to give the Embrace?
  9. How do you treat your ghouls?
  10. Is a Kindred's life worth more than a mortal's? Why?
  11. Where do your characters feed when they do?
  12. Do you feed once a day for one blood point, or do you feed less often for more?
  13. Do you feed upon the same people over and over, or are you random?
  14. What types of people do you feed from?
  15. Does your character enjoy feeding, feel indifferent, hate it or feel differently?
  16. Does your character miss eating food?
  17. Does your character miss eating food to the point of trying to eat periodically, even though it will make you retch?
  18. On the same note, does your character miss the day?
  19. Does he/she miss the day to the point of going to see movies for the daytime scenes?
  20. Does he/she miss the day to the point of trying to wake up to catch a glimpse of the sun, despite the pain and terror?
  21. Does your character feed from a certain body part (like from the neck) consistently, or does it vary?
  22. If your character were mugged, what would they do?
  23. What would be your reasons for ghouling someone?
  24. How does your character feel about blood bonding others (vampires, humans, ghouls)?
  25. Does your character use disciplines on mortals? Remember, it's not a breach of the Masquerade to Entrance or Dominate (when done right) every mortal he/she meets...
  26. How does your character interact with mortals, if at all on a day-to-day (night to night) basis?
  27. How does your character act whilst in the general public (with no other Kindred around)?
  28. What does your character like about him/herself?
  29. What would be your reasons for embracing people, beyond personal gain?
  30. Does your character exercise any constraint when using disciplines?
  31. Does your character keep contacts he had when he was alive?
  32. Does your character keep contact with his mortal family?
  33. Who was your character when he/she was a human, and does he/she keep the same values (or try to)?

Character Creation Rules and Revisions

When creating a character, please follow the steps below:

  1. Answer the Character questions
  2. Confirm with STís the generation and clan you wish to be
  3. Create the character sheet using the rules found in the "Laws of the Night Revised", with the following exceptions:
    • Please check with STís on availability of Merits and Flaws
    • No more than a single level of Influence may be purchased in any one area at Character creation, in up to three different areas of influence. Any free levels given as clan advantages can take you up to level two, maximum. This rule does not apply if the character is embraced in to the game
    • Nosferatu may buy Mask of a Thousand Faces at character creation with Freebie points
    • Tremere must take Rite of Introduction as their first ritual
  4. Clear the character sheet and background with the ST
  5. Background and Haven information must be handed in within two weeks of the characters first appearance.

Characters Who Die

When a character dies by the action of another (Not by Suicide) you will be able to transfer up a maximum of 15 unspent experience points on to your new character. If you wish to suicide & keep any of your unspent experience points you must explain why you feel suicide is the only course of action remaining to your character. Normally you will be asked to play your character for at least 1 month.

Retiring Characters

Should you decide that you no longer wish to continue with the character you are playing, we ask you continue playing it for two more games (and not try to get it killed) from the point that you inform us. This gives the game better flow for everyone. The advantage for you is that you will be allowed to transfer half of your remaining experience point onto your new character, to a maximum of 8.


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