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Welcome Package - Glossary


Abilities - skills in excess of normal knowledge
Anarch - a vampire, which claims no allegiance to either the Sabbat or the Camarilla
Ancilla - a mature vampire who has proven himself or herself and assumed significant responsibilities in society
Antidiluvian - the third generation of vampires from Cain. Active in the Jyhad
Archon - one of the mighty vampiric assistants to a Justicar


Beast, The - The dark side of the kindred that is usually hidden
Blood Bond - a feeling of love and submission unnaturally created by drinking three times from the blood of a particular vampire on three separate nights.
Blood Doll - a human who willingly gives of their blood to a vampire
Bloodline - vampiric lineage. Today used to define a rare and little known subset of vampires
Bond, The - see Blood Bond


Cain - the original vampire from whom all vampires were spawned. See Generation
Cainities - vampires
Caitiff - derogatory term to denote a vampire without a clan
Camarilla, The - an organization of vampires which holds that a veil of secrecy is needed in order to protect themselves from mortals
Childe - a newly created vampire who is not yet recognized as being self-aware by vampiric society
Clan - a group of vampires who trace their lineage back to a common ancestor


Death, Final - when a vampire truly dies
Diablerie - a publicly reviled practice of drinking another vampire’s soul in order to become more powerful
Disciplines - dark gifts of the vampires
Domain - the area claimed by a vampire as their own


Elder - the oldest and most powerful vampire in a society
Elysium - usually a place of culture, free of the taint of violence
Embrace, The - the process by which a mortal becomes a vampire


Frenzy - The bestial nature of the kindred coming to dominance (Losing Control)


Garou - What werewolves call themselves.
Gehenna - a vampiric apocalypse where the Antidiluvians will rise up and slay all their progeny
Generation - the lineage of a vampire in terms of strength of the blood in relation to Caine
Ghoul - A human/animal that has ingested vampiric blood.
Greet the Dawn - vampiric euphemism for Final Death


Harpy - Rumourmonger and arbitrator of social issues
Haven - the home and safe place of a vampire
Herd - a group of humans who support a vampire in many ways including the giving of blood
Hunger, The - the need for blood
Hunter - one who hunts and kills vampires


Inquisition, The - the witch hunts of middle Europe and eastern North America. The motivating factor in the forming of the Camarilla


Justicar - the ultimate judge in a vampire clan
Jyhad, The - the manipulative war attributed to the vampire elders


Keeper of the Elysium - A titular office responsible for the maintenance of the Traditions
Kindred - vampires
Kine - humans


Leeches - derisive term used by the Lupine for vampires
Lextalionis - a code of Traditions with a Biblical justice as its foundation. Today it is used to mean Blood Hunt
Lupine - werewolves


Mages - human wizards
Man, The - the element of humanity still remaining within the vampire. The opposite of The Beast
Masquerade, The - the rules of conduct established by the Camarilla to hide the existence of vampires
Methusela - the forth and fifth generation of vampires. They no longer live in the kindred society


Neonate - young vampires who has proven themselves worthy to be responsible without depending on their sire


Primogen - speaker for, and usually the leader of, a vampire clan in a given domain
Prince - ruler of a domain - usually a city
Progeny - those vampires created by an older vampire
Praxis - "The right of Rulership" Sometimes used as a term of the Princes domain


Regnant - the lord of another. Often used in reference to the instigator of a Blood Bond
Revenant - a family of Sabbat ghouls
Rom, The - European gypsies


Sabbat, The - an loose organization of vampires which holds that vampires are the supreme predators of humans and no secrecy is needed. They revel in their powers
Salon - a meeting, usually of elders, which is generally free of direct violence
Seneschal - assistant to the Prince and lord of the domain in their absence
Sheriff - enforcer of the Traditions and local laws
Sire - a term given to a vampire who has created another vampire


Thrall - a creature in service to another. Often used in reference to the recipient of a Blood Bond
Traditions, The - a set of six rules upon which all social interactions are predicated


Vegetary - one who drinks of animals rather than humans
Vitae - blood


Whip - assistant to a Primogen


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