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House Rules - Status

  1. Status Beads: White is Personal Status, Red is Acknowledged, Purple is Postional.
  2. Status is titular, and common knowledge between Kindred. The question "How much status do you have?" is an out-of-character question. In character, it is assumed that each Kindred knows how much status other than Acknowledged Kindred have, assuming that they have met at least once within the last few weeks. A proper analogy would be the granting of a Dukedom or Knighthood by a monarch.
  3. Status is only effective insofar as other Kindred know of it. Status granted must be given in public, preferably at Elysium and announced on any available or applicable listserves. Status cannot be granted in closed meetings or in private. Any status granted this way cannot be used until it is openly announced, which must occur previous to any challenge it is used in; the challenge itself is not an announcement of the granting of Status.
  4. It is the responsibility of the player/character to keep abreast of changes in Status. In the event that another Kindred declares Status of which you were previously unaware, you can either accept their word, or choose to ignore their status, which may lead to repercussions. Afterwards, the player is encouraged to verify the Status with the granter or harpy.
  5. In certain social challenges, temporary Status Traits may be added to your total traits. However, that temporary Status is gone for the night. If loaned status is used this way, it is used, and will revert back to its owner at the end of the night. Although certain Status Traits may not be the original bidding trait in many challenges, they may be counted in total number of traits, much as Quick does not relate to strength-based challenges, but is still counted in total physical traits for that kind of Physical challenge.
  6. A title of Tolerated or Recognized given to non-Acknowledged Kindred is not Status, and cannot be used as such. Presented or Accepted also cannot be used as status.
  7. Other Kindred can ignore status. Another Kindred can choose to ignore some status or all of it. Of course, the granter of the status may take this as an insult, and take it up with the Harpy.
  8. Because it is easier to lose favor than gain it, loaned Status cannot be used to grant Status, though it can be used to remove it. After any use, loaned Status reverts back to its original holder. Use of loaned Status requires the Kindred granting the Status to publicly announce the loaning of Status, both previous to the action and during the challenge if possible.
  9. For each step towards the blood bond, the donor effectively holds 2 "temp" status up on the receiver of the blood (1/3=2 temp, 2/3=4 temp, full=6 temp).
  10. If a character has incurred a boon towards another, he or she has a "boon" status that can be used in comparison of status or social traits against the character that owes the debt. Each level of debt is a "boon" status, as follows: trivial=one, minor=two, major=three, blood=four, life=five. These are considered temporary status.
  11. Any status loaned has an assumed 30-day time limit, unless it is returned beforehand or a return date is specified. A lender may choose to renew the loan once the time limit has expired.

Clan Status (Prestige)

  1. Under a normal background, your character would have one Clan Prestige from his clan at the start of the game.
  2. Most clans have or are working on Prestige guidelines for their clans. Before granting prestige it is recommend that you ask what they normally do.

The Position of Harpy

  1. There is no cost for the Harpy to restore Status he or she has stripped, as long as the Status has not been stripped for more than a month.
  2. The Harpy can, once per month, grant a single permanent Status Trait to any Kindred in the city, so long as they are members of the Camarilla (i.e., no Trustworthy for the Giovanni). The Harpy need not do this, if they see no Kindred deserving of the Status.
  3. Any Kindred Accepted in the City may petition the Harpy for an Inquisition of Status. If the Harpy chooses to, he or she may then start an investigation into another Kindred's Status and whether or not it is deserved. If the Harpy deems that it is not, they may strip the undeserved Status. On the other hand, they feel that the Status is deserved; the Kindred bringing the accusation may find themselves subject to the same treatment.
  4. The Harpy may not strip a Kindred of Accepted, as it is not their domain to decide who is welcome or not. However, they may remove Acknowledged. There can be further consequences, depending on the power of the one who Acknowledged them originally.


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