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House Rules - Backgrounds

Allies, Mentors, and Influence can all be lost if that resource is used too heavily. Look at the Influence section to give a general guideline of how and what may happen.


These are limited to player actions, as it takes time to find something out. This background is limited to general information. This Background works the same way as Influence, but only for the sake of getting information.

More details on Contacts can be found in the Influence section.


When you take fame, you should include what area you are famous in. As an example, a Doctor might be famous in the medical field but will not be well known by a lay-person, where as a TV star would be known by more people.

Assuming you are with in the area of your fame level you my use your influence as if it was one level lower then the level you have. More details on Fame can be found in the Influence section.

Remember that fame can be a double-edged sword.


A herd can take on many forms. Perhaps you have people who have felt the "kiss" and now seek it from you, or perhaps you live near a forest and feed from the local animals. Some will have an in at a local blood bank. Whatever the case, you should establish at character creation what your herd is.

A point of herd can be used once every two weeks, for a single trait of blood.


See the Influence package for limits of this background.


You can never use your mentor to learn advanced out of clan powers. Please remember your mentor has a life of their own and may be busy when you call on them.


See the Extras rule booklet.


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