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House Rules - Abilities

Abilities listed in books other than Laws of the Night: Revised require ST approval before they can be taken. For XP cost of Abilities, see the Welcome package. A Specialization cannot be taken until you have three points in the core ability, except for those abilities, such as Craft and Science, which require a focus from the start.


Awareness allows you to sense other supernatural creatures and those that have been affected by them. When you use this ability you burn it in order to do a mental test vs. the Target. Your retest for this test is Occult.

Blind Fighting

With this ability, a character will not have the penalties of darkness used against them, and they may also expend a level of this ability to negate the darkness retest.


Any Cainite will be able to possess basic computer skills with appropriate justification (i.e. shown how by a ghoul) without buying this trait. Computer hacking is a separate ability. In order to learn it, you must have at least computers 3, and security 2.


Tailing anyone and not being seen in any sort of vehicle is nearly impossible without this ability. Furthermore, attempting to attack someone with a car in most circumstances will not succeed without Drive. People are naturally much more agile than cars, and if given any warning will be able to avoid most drivers. If a car is used to attack a person using this ability, it requires a mental vs. physical test (as in firearms) and does 3 levels of lethal damage per strike. However, due to the clumsy nature of automobiles, they may only attack once every 3 turns. All cars also have the negative trait: Clumsy.


As per the book.


The ability does not allow you to retest your blood test at the start of the night.


Legal contracts cannot be written properly without this ability. This includes any and all legal transfers of property, binding contracts for work, restraining orders, etc. In game terms, anyone with a higher level of Law ability than the writer of the contract will be able to find a legal loophole given a number of days to study the document equal to the level used to write it. This may fail depending on how simple it is to make the document ironclad.


Each level of Linguistics shall give you additional languages equal to the level. For example, level 3 linguistics would give you three additional languages, bringing your total languages up to 6. You can speak or write the Languages you have. Learning each language will take some time, minimum 1 month

Lip Reading

This is a common ability used by the deaf to understand what people are saying. To do so, you must do a static mental challenge vs. the subject's mental traits. Things like bushy beards and, sometimes, even mustaches will make this harder to do (you're down 2 traits on ties).


This ability as found in the LotN: Camarilla Guide is not allowed.


Successful use of this ability mimics the effect of a single step blood bond for 1 hour. The effects are not cumulative. This ability can also be used as a retest in appropriate Social challenges. Since many Kindred have little to no interest in Sex, Willpower can be used to ignore the affects of this ability. Please Note: The seduction ability will only work on a character if they are able to be attracted by the gender of the person seducing them. Unless specifically stated (i.e. Background/Questions) your character is assumed to be heterosexual.


Successful use of this ability is normally necessary to find even one Blood Trait per day in a complete wilderness setting (it allows you to capture a small animal to feed from). You don't need this ability to heal in combat. You may also expend this Ability as a retest when you are trying to soak damage. (IE. I was enduring enough to take this, so now I will retest with Survival.)


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