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House Rules - Disciplines

Learning Out-of-Clan Disciplines

The following are requirements for learning an Out-of-Clan, Cardinal Discipline:

Teaching & Learning Unique Disciplines

This is never to be done lightly, for when you teach someone a unique Discipline, you are giving away one of your clan's advantages. Your clan elders will be very upset.

The following is a list of requirements for learning Unique Disciplines:

Generation Power Caps

Dhampyrs 1st basic ----- -----
15th Basic only ----- -----
14th Basic & 1st Int. only ----- -----
13th - 11th Basic, Int, & Advanced 13th - 11th Basic only
10th - 8th Basic, Int, & Advanced 10th - 8th Basic & Intermediate
Less than 8th Basic, Int, Adv & Elder Less than 8th Basic, Int & Advanced

Ghouls can learn some disciplines, depending on their Domitor's generation.
This table does not apply to ghouled animals.


Feral Whispers: This discipline is for talking to animals, and cannot be used between two people


Aura Perception: Aura Perception can no longer be used to detect lies.

You get a free check (you don't have to risk a trait but you must do the test) to determine if the target is Alive or Dead. Ghouls are seen as being Alive. However, that the target is a ghoul can be determined on winning a test and risking a trait.

This discipline should be role-played out. You have to study a person's aura for at least one round (three seconds) before being able to do a test on it.

Telepathy: With amazing amounts of effort, you can use Telepathy to transmit Dominate commands. You must fulfill the normal requirements of Dominate for the level you are using. Using Telepathy in this way costs three mental traits, regardless the results of the test. While Telepathy cannot be resisted with willpower, the effects of the Domination can be.

If the target of telepathy has a derangement, they can bid that derangement instead of a mental trait in defense of a challenge. Then, if the target resists successfully, the user gains the derangement for one hour.

On all instances of telepathic contact between two people, relenting is not an option. Weak-Willed characters are at -2 against Telepathy. Conversely, Iron-Willed gives you +2 against Telepathy.


Normal 18 km/h
Alacrity 30 km/h
Swiftness 50 km/h
Rapidity 75 km/h
Legerity 100 km/h
Fleetness 125 km/h

The speeds listed are the average attainable speeds given a straight, unobstructed runway. Running at such speeds (outside of combat) require the expenditure of one blood point every minute. Characters can try to run faster; however, doing so requires a test with an appropriate trait bid. You can never exceed the average speed of the level above you when pushing yourself.

Alacrity: During your Alacrity phase you can only move or attack, you cannot do both. If you decide to move, anyone attacking you must bid 2 additional traits in order to track your movement.


Horrid Reality: It is limited to a single aggravated damage per attack


Total Insanity: The 5 derangements are drawn randomly from a derangement deck.


With Command and Mesmerism, if you lose the test, the person might know that you tried something, unless the command was hidden in a sentence that makes sense with the rest of the conversation.


Forgetful Mind: When you are replacing someone's memories, you must actively speak aloud the new memories being implanted, unless telepathy is being used.

Forgetful Mind overlays the true memories of the target. The changes can be detected and the alterations removed by a vampire of equal or lower generation to the vampire who made the original changes.

Conditioning: When you condition someone you have the option of doing is as a long term Mesmerism. This allows you to implant up to a maximum of 3 Mesmerism commands, which remain in effect until it is impossible to fulfill all three of them. However, should you go this route, you do not gain any of the normal advantages of conditioning, such as it being easier to Dominate them.

Someone under normal conditioning gains the negative trait of Predictable.

Possession: Possession suits must be made from mortals. Any supernatural creature or human possessing supernatural abilities cannot be possessed; the exception to this is ghouls.

You must spend the required amount of traits regardless of the test's outcome, in addition to any lost in the test. They are not considered spent until after the test. So, if Joe Giovanni had 10 Mental traits and he wanted to do Possession but keep Necromancy, he would bid one Trait and be considered at 10 Traits for purposes of the test. Then, regardless of the test outcome, he would be down 5 Traits (6 if he lost).

A sheet must be provided for both the Possession suit and the character; the local ST will have complete control over your body regardless of its location.


If you wish, you can use Fortitude to block a staking, but you must choose to do so before the simple tests are done for the staking. If you soak the damage of the staking itself down to nothing, then the staking fails.

Aegis: When you expend a permanent Willpower to use Aegis, you may use a Willpower trait that has already been spent in that night to do so. However, you must spend any unused Willpower traits first.


To use this ability, you must have a Performance level in a vocal ability of at least 3.


See the Giovanni section

As a character masters a new level in their primary path, they gain one "free" ritual. The ritual gained may be of any level up to the level you have obtained in the Path. Additional rituals may be purchased/learnt.

When casting a ritual you do a static test with an ST or Narrator

Role-playing: Necromancy must be role-played out. Chanting and/or drawing out runes with your fingers must now be done as you cast your spells.

If you are in the middle of casting and someone attacks you then you must do a static test with the ST/Narrator on the scene vs. the traits listed above to maintain your concentration.


You may not remain Obfuscated when using Celerity.

Mask of a Thousand Faces: Mask does not allow you to change volume or dimensions. You cannot use it to hide bulky items (i.e. guns, stakes, laptops).

You can Mask clothing, but you must be wearing equivalent clothing in order to alter its appearance (i.e. to have a tie as part of the mask, you must be wearing a tie under it).

If the appearance under the Mask is very close to the Masked appearance, Heightened Senses will not allow you to be able to tell Mask is up, though you can tell something is odd. Investigation can be used to get more information.


The effects of Potence and Fortitude are reduced by one level when used with creatures created by Obtenebration.

Shadow Play: The social trait gained from this power my not be bid, and only helps on ties

Shroud of Night: While you don't have to have blind fighting to initiate a challenge in the shroud, if you do not have it, you are down 2 traits on all tests, gain the negative trait clumsy, and cannot cancel the darkness retest.

Heightened Sense or Eyes of the Beast will reduce the trait penalty by 1.

While in the darkness, anyone can call for a darkness retest. In order to cancel this retest, you must burn a blind fighting. The person who created the Shroud is unaffected by its darkness.

Arms of the Abyss: You can create one arm for every level of the Occult ability that you have plus 1.

Black Metamorphosis: You get one attack per arm. The negative trait clumsy goes away at the end of the combat, and its effects are not cumulative.


Normal 250 Lbs   4 Feet 8 Feet Break Wooden Door
Prowess 350 Lbs 3 Steps 8 Feet 16 Feet Break Metal Fire Doors
Might 500 Lbs 6 Steps 12 Feet 20 Feet Flip Small Cars
Vigor 800 Lbs 9 Steps 16 Feet 24 Feet Punch Through A Cement Wall
Intensity 1200 Lbs 12 Steps 20 Feet 28 Feet Punch Through Reinforced Steel Doors
Puissance 2000 Lbs 15 Steps 24 Feet 32 Feet Punch Through I-Beams

These are the average of what the character with that strength level can do. Characters can try to lift more or jump farther; however, doing so requires a test. You can never exceed the average achievable amount of the level above you when pushing yourself.

With a runway of 30 feet, the use of Intermediate-level Celerity gives 1.5 times the leap distances on this table (Shown above). Advanced-level Celerity gives double the distances. Celerity-enhanced leaps always require an Athletics challenge, and may require more than one level in the ability, depending on the circumstances.

In combat, Potence cannot be combined with Celerity; you only get one leap per combat round, and the leap takes the whole round.

Puissance: The sheer force of the blow causes the additional level of damage in Puissance; therefore, weapon advantages do not apply to it. In game terms, this means that it causes one additional normal wound, not an additional aggravated wound. For example, if you had puissance and feral Claws, you would do an Aggravated wound as you first wound followed by a lethal.


Summon: When using this power, you must summon the person using their name for one full minute. Should you not know the person's name, you can describe them. When summoned you must go to the location that the summoning was performed and physical present yourself, not to the person who summoned you, unless that person is still standing in the same spot. Once you have gotten to that location, the summons is over. If getting to the location places you in an immediately dangerous situation (ie. walking through flames, into a room full of people waiting to attack you.) the summoning ends. However, you will take all steps possible to complete the summoning while avoiding the danger.

The summoning also ends at dawn at the target's location.

You must have had personal contact with the person in order to summon them; a description, telepathic impression, or anything of that sort will not work.

Majesty: If you have Eerie Presence and spend one willpower as normally required, you have a fear-based Majesty. A second willpower will have to be expended to invoke normal Majesty.


Earth Meld: You may only take small personal possessions with you when you earth meld.
Earth Meld is an action; you cannot do anything else while doing it & it cannot be done as a Celerity action.

Shape of the Beast: As per the Gangrel Clan book.


Scorpion's Touch: The venom wears out after two days.

Baal's Caress: The venom wears out after two days.


Rituals: When casting a ritual you do a static test with an ST or Narrator

Thaumaturgy is both extremely powerful and difficult to master. It is jealously guarded. Kindred not of clan Tremere seen using Tremere Thaumaturgical abilities will be hunted down.

If you are in the middle of casting and someone attacks you then you must do a static test with the ST/Narrator on the scene vs. the traits listed above to maintain your concentration.

Role-playing: Thaumaturgy must be role-played out. Chanting and/or drawing out runes with your fingers must now be done as you cast your spells.

If you are playing a Tremere, please ask to see the OWBN Thaumaturgical Package for rules regarding this power.


Remember that this discipline is a sickness; learning it could have unpleasant side effects.

Flesh Craft: You cannot use this discipline in combat to do anything other than grant negative traits to your victim. If you grant an additional health level (which is applied to the bruised category) to an individual, the recipient's physical trait maximum is permanently reduced by one. Inversely, you may reduce the individual's bruised health level category by one to raise his physical trait category by one. You may also grant one additional appearance related social trait (which may go above their trait maximum) with Flesh Craft.

Bone Craft: Twisting bone in combat will give the negative physical Lame to the victim. With either Flesh or Bone Craft these attacks take a full round to complete.

Horrid Form: The additional damage inflicted on opponents with this discipline only applies to bare handed attacks. (i.e. you cannot use Horrid Form and an ax to inflict two additional damage.)

Blood Form: You may not gain the benefits of potence or celerity while in this form. If your last blood trait is consumed by a vampire while in this form, you are diablerized.


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