The Winnipeg Tribune

January 26, 2002 - Vol. 5, Issue 1

Bovine Slaying at Burns' Plant

(Dec. 15/01) Winnipeg Police are baffled at the city's most recent Homicide of the year. According to sources, three men entered the Burns' Packing Plant at around 3:30 am and began to involve themselves in abnormal activities.

'What really is bothersome about this case, is what they were actually doing there in the first place.' said Cnst. Charles Jones. 'According to Police reports, the suspects' were intending to indulge in Bestiality. This kind of behaviour just stuns me. These are sick and twisted individuals that need help.'

Currently, there is an APB out on a dark coloured Sedan model vehicle, last seen driving down Marion towards downtown.

At this time, the case is being considered a Homicide because two of Burns' Security personnel are Missing and assumed dead.

Burns' Packing is claiming damages for two dead cows. Security Tapes are being viewed and the case is still open.

Anyone with information regarding the case are asked to call either Crime Stoppers at 925-TIPS or call Cnst. Jones at 778-9347.

Gay Bars Burn

(Staff - Jan. 15/02) Fire fighters were called out to Gios bar located on Sherbrook between Broadway and Portage. By the time they arrived on the scene, a large portion of the inside of the building was already on fire.

The buildings lack of windows made things very difficult for fire fighters to gain any sort of edge over the blaze. They were left with little choice but to attempt to enter the building and fight the fire from within.

Fire fighters Garret Poe, and Rick Mathews were the first to enter the build. They had cleared a path to the centre of the building and were beginning to really have an impact on the fire, according to reports. However things turned much worse when the second floor caved in on them covering them in burning floorboards.

Three other fire fighters entered the building in attempts to rescue them. Both Garret and Rick were pulled from the building and rushed to the Health Science Centre, where sadly Rick was pronounced dead on arrival. Garret is current in intensive care, and listed as recovering.

After several hours battling the blaze fire fighters finally put it out. Investigates searched the building later that day. In statement released late that afternoon it was said that is it believed that the fire started in the kitchen. A cardboard box had been left on the stove and caught fire.

Police and fire officials, however have not ruled out other possible causes for the fire yet.

Closed Clubs

(Michael Finds - Jan. 15/02)What a weekend it was for the Winnipeg club scene.

First we had well known club, Garden of Thorns, owned by rock star Julian Mitchell closed on a Saturday night with no notice given to his customers. Thankfully many people were able to get in to the packed Die Machine in the village. I know that I for one will not be returning the Mister Mitchell's club because of this.

Then late Sunday night the kitchen of Gios nightclub on Sherbrook caught fire. The inside of the building was completely gutted. At this point it is not known if they will rebuild or not.

On a much happy note, I may be leaving this small little town on the prairies. I will let my loyal readers know more as soon as I do, I take comfort in knowing that when I leave Winnipeg the city will be better then it was when I found it.

Escape from Selkirk Mental Hospital

(Staff - Jan. 17/02) The nightly wailing of the most dangerous ward in Selkirk Mental Hospital was interrupted, when the sound of breaking glass was heard.

Orderly's rushed to the room, only to find that long-term patient Barry (Last name with held) was gone. The furniture had been moved to clear a path towards the window. The window itself had been smashed from the inside, and the glass and wire mesh covered the ground three stories below. Discarded bedding and pillows were found in a field not far from the hospital.

Barry was a long term resident of the hospital, he was well liked by all the orderly's and staff.

The public is warned that he is highly intelligent and prone to brief fits of extreme violence, but that these fits are rare.

At the time of his escape he was wearing an orange hospital gown It is believed that he will most likely make his way to Winnipeg and residents are warned to be cautious and avoid being approached by people they do not know.

Real Rampage

(Staff - Jan. 23/02) Late Tuesday night Amy Kohansen, A long time staff member of Dark Zone, was shocked to realize that someone was firing a real weapon in the play area.

'I could not believe what I was seeing over the monitor.' Revealed Miss Kohansen, 'All of a sudden everyone's game stats started to drop so I went to take a look on the monitor to see what was going on and I saw what looked like a gun going off.'

Police responded quickly to the call only to find the gunman, Dave York, a regular at Dark Zone customer, had already taken his own life at the top of one of the towers.

'I don't understand what happened,' states Jack Daniels, also a Regular customer of Dark Zone, 'Dave had just got a great new job, has a great wife. Everything seemed perfect for him.'

Police spokes person, Sgt. John McKulan commented, 'We will be launching a full investigation into what caused this seemingly unlikely incident.

Village Illness

(Staff - Jan. 22/02) Parents and schools have been reporting a large number of illnesses among the children, and young adults in the Village.

The symptoms appear to be very flu like in nature, and they appear to run there coarse in about two weeks. What is strange about this illness is the reddish rash that appears on the body.

The Canadian Centre of Disease and virology in Winnipeg have called in to the area. They are currently working their way through neighborhood with various detection equipment. So far no report has been forth coming from the centre of the source of this illness.

In a press conference with Manitoba Health Officials, it was made clear that this illness is not fatal. This illness has already run its course with a number of people they have show no signs of problems after the rash has cleared.