The Winnipeg Tribune

January 26, 2002 - Vol. 5, Issue 2

Missing after New Years

(Staff - Jan. 2/02) As the music blared and the fire works filled the skies at the Forks, the crowds cheered and had a great time. Not everyone felt this was the case. Three families with the help of police and security rushed around The Forks grounds and buildings in search of their lost children.

Adam (age 12), Tony (age 9) and Jennifer (age 10) all three were last seen on the grounds of The Forks.

As the crowds slowly exited The Forks after the last of the fire works had gone off. Police, staff and family members continued their search of The Forks.

The only sign of them that was found was a bright red stocking toque, which was found by the underpass leading to Main Street.

Winnipeg Police ask that anyone with information about this case contact them at ###-####

Seer Sightings

(Staff - Jan. 4/02) Ever since the article in the Winnipeg Tribune about the famed seer, the phones have been ringing off the hook. At a small Hollywood call centre.

IA supervisor at the call centre has said, "In the past 14 days we have received over a 1000 calls from Winnipeggers claim to have seen Madam Oleetoe. Now granted we know some of the calls to have been fake and have eliminated some of the truly unlikely ones, including some laser tag place (Dark Zone), and a number of fast food restaurant sightings. A number of investigators will be heading to Winnipeg in the coming weeks to look in to some of these sightings.

TStill if anyone has information about her where about they are asked to call the hotline at (1-800-###-####).

House Fires

(Staff - Jan. 8/02) Residents of the West Broadway area could barely see their streets due to the heavy smoke. A home on Maryland, and another on Westminster where burning.

Across town two more homes quietly burned in the night. Both home located on Pritchard. All four homes were completely gutted by the fire.

Police and Fire officials are concerned that this could be the beginning of a new wave of firebug attacks thru out the city.

Strange Weather

(Staff - Jan. 12/02) Winnipeg has been experiencing some of the strangest winter weather in past history.

In early December we had a number of fog filled mornings where the visibility was reduced to less then a block. This was followed up with a server cold snap, send the mercury plunging below -30 C.