The Winnipeg Tribune

March 10, 2001 - Vol. 4, Issue 4

Daring Bank Robbery

(Staff - Mar. 2/01) 3 men in ski masks entered the Toronto Dominion bank at the corner of Corydon and Stafford yesterday just before closing. The first of them into the bank called for everyone to hit the floor, while the second fired a full automatic machine gun in to the ceiling.

"We dropped like rocks"

Then once everyone was on the ground they grabbed all the money out of the drawers, and then blew open the cash dispenser.

After the money was grabbed an explosive device was tossed into the security room destroying the day’s tapes. Then the three men left as quickly as they arrived.

We spoke with bank teller Addy Turnbuckle and he had this to say. "When the group of them walked in I knew something was wrong. They had us dead to rights and when that machine gun went off we dropped like rocks. Those guys were professionals, I have been working in the past and robbed, but I was never as scared as I was when they came in."

Police crisis counseling teams have begun working with the staff and customers who were in the bank when the robbery took place.

All three men are described as being roughly 6 feet tall and very muscular. All were wearing the same outfits, made up of black cargo pants, black winter jackets and black ski masks.

The Police ask that anyone who was in the area of the robbery around 5 o’clock yesterday contact them.


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Winnipeg is Leaking

(Staff - Mar. 1/01) The unseasonably warm weather combined with the explosion that rocked Winnipeg’s core area has caused a lot of problems for the city’s infrastructure.

During the past month the city has suffered from four major water main breaks on Pembina, St Mary’s, and Portage Avenue at Main Street. Each of these breaks have taken several hundred-manhours to get cleaned up and repaired.

Crews working on the problem have reported finding a number of hairline fractures in the pipes of the surrounding area. The city is already in planning meetingss to try and combat this problem over the summer before it gets any worse.

Engineers with training in city planning at the University of Manitoba fear that it might already be too late to do anything about the problem. One went on record saying "When the explosion happened the ground was fairly hard from the cold weather and snow, and that caused the vibrations of the explosion to travel great distances, shaking the sewer pipes as it went. Now with the warmer weather the ground around the pipes is contracting and loosening. Things are just going to get worse."

The City has asked that anyone spotting a water main break call the new water main hotline at 1-800-###-####.