The Winnipeg Tribune

December 30, 2000 - Vol 3, Issue 20

Christmas Massacre

It has been a truly dark Christmas for the many friends and relations of a local Winnipeg family of twelve. The family, including a seven-week old infant, were found massacred outside their home on Christmas Eve. The bodies were propped up and dressed in clothing for a Nativity scene which had been set up on the front lawn. Details on the manner of the killings have so far been witheld by the police, who are also shocked by the extent of the crime. The family van was believed to have been stolen as well, but was later found a few blocks from the family's home.

St. Boniface Riel Statue Smashed by Vandals

The graveyard at the St. Boniface Basilica was the scene of extensive vandalism on the night of December 6, when a number of tombstones were toppled or broken. Also struck by the vandals was the site of Louis Riel's grave, and the controversial statue of Riel that once stood behind the Legislature.

MTC at the Pops Fails to Impress

The latest in this series of concerts, staged December 16, aimed high, but the audience just didn't seem to care. A tribute to the music of the Beatles, the concert featured vocals that were very faithful to the original renditions, but when the performers encouraged the audience to sing along, the response was less than encouraging. Concert-goers figuratively sat on their hands, refusing to sing or clap along.

Parents Dead, Kids Missing

Police were called to a St. Vital home on December 17, where they found two of the residents brutally murdered and mutilated. The bodies had been cut open, and organs removed. The victims have been identified as the owners of the home. The homeowners' children are unaccounted for, as are children from three other area families. The children were reported to have been visiting the home the evening of December 16. A search of the home turned up a number of Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game books, as well as dice used in the game, on a table in the basement. Police have not commented on the role of the children in the murders, other than to say they are being sought, but at this time there were no plans to lay charges against them.

Pets Missing

A number of area families have reported missing pets to the police. As of December 19, three of those pets have been found cut open and laid out in a ritualistic fashion.

$25,000 to Gas Station Theatre

The financially beleaguered Gas Station Theatre has found a patron in local businessman Christopher Kennedy. Kennedy made a generous donation of $25,000 to the theatre, which hosts local and touring performances of all natures, from avant-garde to "serious" theatre. With the encouragement of this gift, a number of other prominent citizens followed suite, bringing the total donated to $60,000.

Calvary Temple Plans Protest

In connection with the vicious mutilation murders of a St. Vital couple, Calvary Temple is organizing a protest of the new movie Dungeons and Dragons, opening in theatres on December 21. The movie is based on the role-playing game of the same name, which has over the years been linked with deviant behaviour and mental illness. Paraphernalia related to the game was discovered in the basement of the home where the murders occured, and where the couple's children, along with several other neighborhood youngsters, were last known to have been. Cavalry Temple is drawing a connection from the murders, to the missing children, via the game: "These children were obviously not in control of themselves when they committed these horrible acts," said a spokesman for the church. The church has also offerd to help pay for the rehabilitation of the missing children.

University of Winnipeg Attacked by Terrorists

During the early morning hours of December 3, the downtown area was rocked by an explosion that destroyed a large part of the University of Winnipeg. Firefighters were still battling the blaze the next day. The blast also damaged the Greyhound bus depot next door. Confirmed deaths have reached 450 people, with 100 still unaccounted for. Police have announced that the explosion was the work of an anti-tech terrorist group. An RCMP team of specialists will be arriving to take charge of the investigation.