The Winnipeg Tribune

April 8, 2000 - Vol 3, Issue 7

Killer of the Homeless?

(Staff) While many police were busy investigating the death of the Richardsons son Tuesday night, a bold crime took place, right in plain view of the city’s homeless and criminal elements.

Witnesses at the scene describe the events; "In the middle of Central Park this girl was asking someone for money by the fountain. They seemed to talk for a few minutes. When suddenly the she seemed in pain, like she had been shot. I did not see or hear anything so I am not sure about that. Next I saw was the guy she was talking to slashing at her throat with some huge knife, and another guy came out of nowhere started beating the shit out of her. Sudden the guy with the knife stopped and just stood watching the attack. Once they had her down they started hacking at her throat like they want to take her head. A bunch of us got a good look at her and the guys and man was she ugly."

"The strangest part while they were cutting off her head. A dozen or so of these dog sized rats came pouring out of the sewer and rushed the guys, they tried to finish what they started but ran when the rats got too close. Then one guy hit the other with his metal pipe and then ran off to safety while the first guy was eaten."

A few hours late the same scene played itself out at Main and Higgins. The killers did little to disguise themselves, and gunned down a short man in cold blood in front of a number of drunks. No one at the scene had seen the man or his killers before and police believe it was a set up.

Police are currently looking for anyone who might have seen the events that night. To date no one has come forward with reliable descriptions. The only piece of information police have announced to date is that the killers were heard to yell "This is for Denis!" at the second murder.

Runway Re-Opened

(Staff - April 6/00) Runway #8 that collapsed back in February was re-opened yesterday. Former Mayor Thompson was on hand for the ceremony along with a number of other airport officials.

Engineers are still unclear on what happened. But the runway has been given a clean bill of health and is ready for more flights. Returning the airport to fully operational status.

A number of different companies have arranged the use of this runway for their cargo planes. This should be a boon for the airport.

Bodies Found

(Staff) As Winnipeg’s rivers thawed the police began their gruesome task of looking for bodies. In the past remains have been found by various residents ranging from families to children. This year the police are trying to find as many as they can before others find the remains for them.

To date the remains of four people have been pulled from various sites along the rivers. One of the bodies is believed to be connected to the remains found early this year. The connection to the St. Boniface cult killings is still unclear.

It is still unclear about the rest of the bodies, investigations are under way to clear up some of this winter’s unsolved crimes.

Gassing out Winnipeg Rodents

(Staff) The Winnipeg Safety councilors announced on April 6, that starting Monday they would begin systematically gassing the sewers of Winnipeg, killing the rodent population that has been plaguing the residents.

The councilors of Point Douglas and the Elmwood area, have received an increasing number of complaints about rodents from the general public and also from various businesses. The meeting was held yesterday afternoon, with a number of city councilors and the mayor all in attendance. The discussion lasted for over an hour, during which time it was decided to proceed with the plan to clean up the problem.

Plane Explodes at St. Andrews

(Staff) Private jet of Millionaire CEO of McBride International, Lucian McBride exploded upon takeoff from St. Andrews airport just outside of Winnipeg. The Investigation team has discovered a faulty electrical system and believes this to have caused the explosion.

At this time officials have found the remains of three people, none have been confirmed as Mr. McBride's. However the bodies that have been found were all very badly burned and final identification of the remains may not be done for sometime.

St. Andrews airport is expected to reopen for the weekend.


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Richardson’s Son Hung in Low Track

(Staff) The son of one of Winnipeg’s wealthiest families was found earlier Monday morning. He had been left hanging by his own bloody tie from a burned out street lamp. Written across his chest was "Low track is mine, and this could be you!"

The family is appalled to find this had happened to their son, and they have no idea what he was doing in such a bad area of town. They have offered a reward for information leading to the person who did this.

An insider source at the police station claims that this was not the first time the boy had been seen in the area. He had in fact become something of a regular. The Richardsons refused to comment on this allegation.

Car Crash

(Staff) During the early morning hours on Friday a security guard in the Whyte Ridge Industrial Park was surprised by a sudden flash of light outside of the building. After calling for help he rushed outside and found a car engulfed in flames.

When emergency crews arrived at the scene the car was an inferno. At this point in time little is known about the car and its driver who could not be found anyway.

The police force is investigating a number of different possibilities.

Entertainment Column: Liquid Silver returns to Winnipeg

(Staff) Demitrie Enterprises has announced that the band Liquid Silver and its lead singer Silver will be coming to town. "The Presses" found in the old Free Press Building will be the home of the band for Friday thru Sunday night, with nightly performances starting at 10 o’clock each night.



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