The Winnipeg Tribune

January 29, 2000 - Vol 3, Issue 3

Warehouse fire

(Staff) - A warehouse a mere block away from the Winnipeg International Airport was the site of an electrical fire. The building was an interim storage site used by an unnamed shipping company.

The fire department has announced that the fire began in the wiring of the building and quickly spread through the walls. Little could be done to stop the fire once it had begun.

Airport Crimes

(Staff) -Vandalism has been a problem in the city, the latest being a section of fence leading out to the tarmac at the Winnipeg International Airport being cut open. No damage was found on or around the tarmac. A security guard was sent out to investigate the damage when it was discovered.

The guardís car was later found dumped into the river. The steering wheel had been tied in place and the accelerator had been wedged down. Itís thought that the two incidents might be connected. No further information has been released at this time.

Itís asked that anyone who might have seen the events that night to contact the Winnipeg Police Service.

Fires In the City

(Staff) -Early Tuesday morning, a house in St. Boniface was the site of the cityís 128th fire in three months. The house was completely destroyed by the fire, which was caused by careless storage of household cleaning products.

The fire department was able to put out the fire fairly quickly.

However the house was too damaged to be saved and will be torn down during the coming days. A single body was found inside the building. The remains have been identified as Alexander Cassmire, CEO of Cassmire Investments, Inc.

A second fire happened later that day in a house on Wellington Crescent. No one was inside the house, as it had been empty for some time. The owners of the building were preparing to sell it.

Two other houses were burned to the ground as the day progressed. The fire department is still investigating the cause of these additional fires and nothing more has been released at this time.

Anyone who may have witnessed, or has any information on, the fires are asked to call the Arson Hotline at 1-800-###-####.

Satanic Cult Active in Winnipeg?

(Staff) - Two freshly dug graves and a wounded man found bound and gagged initiated a police search that later revealed two bodies found in the river beneath the ice.

Itís believed the first body had been ritually killed, as it was found drained of blood via some yet-to-be-determined method. The resemblance to the killing of New Yearís night has the police investigating this one as a possibly connected crime.

"It was strange," a source has informed us, "the body had no blood in it, yet there were no visible wounds."

It is unknown if the body was originally placed in one of the fresh graves, for no trace of soil has been found on the corpse. But impressions and other evidence had been found in the graves, leading police to speculate that whoever was in the graves was removed.

"We think there are at least two more bodies somewhere out there," said our source.

The second body was in a more damaged condition. The arms were slashed deeply from the wrist to the elbow. The as yet un-named individual is considered a possible suicide, and may not be investigated as being in any way connected to the other murders.

Churches across the city are contemplating holding midnight vigils for the victims, and a rally may be planned by a council of ministers. They may also gather to discuss the possible activity of satanic cults in Winnipeg.

If anyone has any information on these crimes, please contact The Winnipeg Police Services.

Car Crash

(Staff) - Late Wednesday afternoon, a driver lost control while driving across the overpass leading to Transcona. The speed of the car sent it flying through the barrier and crashing down into an oncoming train below.

The carís occupant was killed on impact but the explosion that followed only did minor damage to the trainís engine. A number of trains were rerouted due to the accident.

At this time police have not released the name of the occupant. They are attempting to contact the family first.

Trucks Stolen

(Staff) - The remains of two trucks were found burnt, just outside of town. The RCMP believes this was an act of vandalism, but they have no leads at this time. The owners of the trucks have yet to be found.

Winnipeg CEO Dies

Cassmire Investments, Inc has announced this week a great loss to the company in the death of its CEO, Alexander Cassmire. A replacement has stepped forward and has taken the helm of the company.

Mr. James Crowley, a long time friend and partner of Mr. Cassmire will continue with the companyís long-standing tradition of service.

Funeral services were held at Chapel Lawn, attended by many of his loyal employees, friends, and family.

Entertainment Column: Winnipegís Empty Frame

(J. C. Beauvier) - In my short time in Winnipeg, much shoe leather has been spent in the search of art. My quest for cultural stimuli has included scouting for galleries, museums, and theatres, to name but a few.

It would appear however, that there is little in the way of substantial cultural venues or patronage in this fair city. Of the two dedicated art galleries visited, there were some good showings, but it seems that such a small number of galleries is just not enough to support the growth of art in a metropolis of this size. What has led to the starvation of painting, photography and sculpture for the broader market?

You are invited to send your comments to P.O. Box 7835-63.


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