Centre of the Chaos

010814b - Tremere Debt

To: Clan Tremere, Harpy Baptiste, The Domain of Winnipeg
From: Prince Leo
Priority: Medium

Approximately two weeks ago Therrin McMasterson attempted to destroy the Elysium in Brandon in order to strike at me. He blamed me for his own ineptitude and his corresponding loss of standing.

Matumbo Kahn uncovered his plans and helped to detain him. Therrin was executed the following night for his crimes. Mr. Kahn has already received an increase of standing by the Brandon Prince Azareal for his actions.

The main attack however, was directed toward myself. For Mr. Kahn's actions I will now discharge the Major Boon owed to me as a whole by Clan Tremere in Winnipeg. Would the Harpy please take note?

Prince Leo


The information on this page, and the chronicles linked here, may be used IC by any Winnipeg-based character who would have access to the Harpy Records. All other characters must consider this information OOC.