Centre of the Chaos

010619a - Regent Stone

To: The Domain of Winnipeg
From: Prince Leo
Priority: Medium

Last court Melissa Montgomery was proven to have been consorting with the Sabbat. The locations of havens have been compromised as well as certain other meeting places. Take all precautions when travelling from regular hangouts or gatherings.

Regent Stone, you had knowledge that could have assisted the court several times. Information that you kept to yourself for some inexplicable reason. Melissa Montgomery is a Diablorist. Black veins stain her aura, yet you told no one.

When I interrupted the Primogen Council to ask if anyone had seen my Seneschal and was informed he was last seen with Melissa, you said nothing.

When I asked the Council to assist in Summoning her, you said nothing. Despite the fact that she was being Summoned to a room that held the entirety of the Primogen Council who had no idea that she may be dangerous or the extent of her depravity.

When I very publically lamenting the fact that there were none present who could read her mind so we did not have to risk unstaking her, you again said nothing. Later in the evening Primogen Kennedy, Trevor Barrington and myself were placed in a dangerous situation to find information that could have been gotten much more easily.

It occured to me afterwards Regent Stone, you can read minds. You have done so with the Anarch Nosferatu in the past. Yet you did not offer your assistance.

You consistently placed this court and it's members in danger and the only defense you can claim is "I fucked up".

I am a *Loyal* member of the Camarilla and these are not the actions of a *Loyal* member of the Camarilla Regent Stone.

Regent Stone, you are the Primogen of Clan Tremere. The duties of the Primogen are to guide their Clan and to advise the Prince. As can be witnessed by recent events you have done neither one to any great degree of success.

Clan Tremere will choose a new Primogen before the next court. I expect to see all of Clan Tremere in attendance at the Museum's opening.

Prince Leo


The information on this page, and the chronicles linked here, may be used IC by any Winnipeg-based character who would have access to the Harpy Records. All other characters must consider this information OOC.