Centre of the Chaos

010313a - Rewards

To: The Domain of Winnipeg
From: Prince Leo
Priority: Medium

In the past few courts I have been witness to some of the best efforts that this Domain has ever made. I have witnesses selflessness and teamwork. Devotion to a cause and ingenuity in accomplishing goals. Many of these things have come from unexpected sources.

While surprising, they are more than welcome. In the interest of continuing such a welcome and admirable trend of behaviour from the Domain the following rewards have been granted over the course of our last meeting and the following days.

For her assistance in bringing the unpresented Kindred to court for questioning, Alexandria Lorenzo of Clan Brujah has been granted the right to Ghoul.

For his assistance in maintaining a line of communication between myself and the strike force, for his assistance in the retention of the Masquerade and his conduct during the entire showdown with Syd, Franklin Moore will be seen as Dutiful within the Camarilla.

Julian Mitchell has placed his life on the line many times over in the pursuit of Syd. He has continuously presented new ideas, tactics and theories in that regard and was part of the group who eventually confronted Syd. Julian Mitchell is to be Respected for his actions.

Syd himself was destroyed largely due to the initial barrage launched by the late Sheriff and Theran McMasterson. They were the first two through the door and without their accuracy this city might still be plagued by that monster. While Stephen paid the ultimate price for those actions I find Theran to be every bit as Courageous.

Despite the best efforts of the team that went to deal with Syd one of his band escaped. Melissa Montgomery spent several days tracking and pursuing the creature. She found it, destroyed it, and caused no difficulties with the First Tradition. Melissa is to be Admired for these actions.

Syd and his band were well equipped, well trained, and had the advantage of knowing the battle ground. These things combined created a very pitched battle, a battle which cost us our Sheriff. I have no doubt that the cost would have been even higher if not for the skill and abilities of Oldryn Acris. He has proven once again how Dedicated he is to this court.

The duties of a Primogen include being the voice of their clan, advising the Prince, as well as preparing new arrivals for presentation among many other things. In all of these things Alan Landis has been nothing short of exemplary. Added to his assistance with Syd and his band I believe that Alan should be Praised for his outstanding work.

Let all take note of their fellow court members rise in standing. Let all take note that service to this court and the Camarilla does not go unnoticed nor unrewarded.

Prince Leo


The information on this page, and the chronicles linked here, may be used IC by any Winnipeg-based character who would have access to the Harpy Records. All other characters must consider this information OOC.