Centre of the Chaos

Kindred of Winnipeg

Winnipeg's Court

Prince: Trevor Barrington III
Harpy: Cardinal Amber Davidovich
Sheriff: Gianni Aidamo


Brujah: Lucas Romanov
Gangrel: Breanna
Malkavian: Pandora Tracer
Toreador: Gareth


Gianni Aidamo (Frank Finch): Gianni is one of the few Brujah who can stay out of trouble. That alone makes him valuable.

Aiken Drumm (Chris Barrett): This motherf***er is one bada** Brujah! And to anyone who says different, f***ety f*** f*** to you, f***head!!!

Mara (Connie Embury): This very meek Brujah is under the accounting of the Ventrue Trevor Barrington.

Lucas Romanov (Andrew Sanger): Catching almost everyone by surprise, Lucas, "the quiet Brujah", has become Winnipeg’s newest Brujah Primogen. Perhaps he will do a better job then previous occupants. One can only hope.

Koric (Chris Kazubek): Quiet, imposing and new to the city. "Damn Ventrue Ambidexterity!"

Yue Matsuri (Ed Paradis): What can be said about this Asian descended Brujah...? Not alot apparently....

Lisa Morgan

Kern Locklier (Matt Lane): Brash, loud and incredibly crass, this Brujah has already made his impression on the court of Winnipeg, for good or ill is up to the domain as a whole.


Triston McKinnley (Gerry Maney): A long-time member of the Court, the ex-Seneschal shows up now and again.

Jonas Hunter (Daimien Thomas): This Gangrel already seems to have gotten on the wrong side of Leo.

Ferdina Jonasdottir (Candace Harborne): A Caitiff, Ferdina was conditionally adopted by the Toreador, who have lately cut her loose. Now she's aligned herself with the Gangrel... but it seems she's still everybody's whipping girl.

Yuri (Matthew Nakonechny): He's quiet, he's Primogen, the Prince likes him. Could be worse.

Breanna Martin (Joey Wensel): Not afraid to speak her mind Breanna is loyal to both the Camarilla and to her clan. She came to Winnipeg in the hopes of staying in the background. Instead she has found the Gangrel clan in need of her help.


Sidney Power (Natalie Verge): Sidney's a daddy's girl at heart... always trying to please (no, not like that, you pervert!) and help those special men who remind her of the lost men in her life: her father, and her step-dad. But watch out, Sidney will always place personal interest first, especially when it comes to her stuff. By the way, her definition of "stuff" can be very broad...

Cardinal Amber Davidovich aka cad(Nancy Fetterman): That annoying Malkavian in the corner who never has anything nice to say about anyone.

Pandora Jade Starlight Delusion Tracer (Amanda Bonner): Many times changed and transformed, this childe of Malkav has gotten her quest from the moonbeam and has arrived within Winnipeg to see through the legacy of her past, and the future of her family.

Blue (Alex Stornel): Got something you need blown up?

Archbishop Gabriel Davidovich (Will Smith): One of Pandora's beloved childer.

Archbishop Rabbi Simon Davidovich (Dana Jensen): A grandchilde of the bloodhunted demon-hunting Pope Killian Davidovich.


Ashkinal Urmen (Justine Kay): In the city for unknown reasons, this Independent has proven herself useful to the Court, and is friends with the Malkavians in the city.

Xarah Demitrie (Alex Stornel): The widow of Silvanus, the former Ravnos patriarch of Winnipeg, no doubt she has her own secrets and influences - and perhaps has inherited those that Silvanus used to command.


Scott Gilespi (David Lovrity): Heard to be quoted "I am a good little Setite..." I think the world is coming to an end...


Gareth (John Robertson): The well-known and loved harpist speaks volumes for what his clan can and should be. His presence is often missed at Court, for he is often unable to tear himself away from the busy touring circuit.

Julian Mitchell (Frank Losier): This 25-year-old former Goth singer has been singing since he was a child and writing music since he was a teen. Born in the East End of London, England, Julian has made a name for himself in Europe and now has decided to conquer North America. Recently moving to Winnipeg, Canada, Julian has just opened a night club called, Garden Of Thorns. He also continues to record and tour.

Bethany (Alex Stornel): Bethany has already impressed the Court with her quiet demeanor and artistic talents.

Alexandre De Marquis (Kevin Wilson): Alexandre has impressed the right people in a very short time - just one of his many talents.

Sarah Johnstone (Shauna Mulligan): Sarah, who appeared horrified by much of what other Kindred take as ordinary, is Alexandre's muse. Her recent ordeal at Pietrov's hands will no doubt have hardened her tender soul.

Annie Jones (Sherry Charbonneau): Little Oral Annie is a most unusual Toreador. But she takes her art seriously, to the delight of porn fans everywhere.

Kyle d'Angelo (Rod Vasquez): Just another Kindred with a restaurant. Wonder how long it'll take for Court to be held there so that it can be trashed just like all the other restaurants owned by Kindred...

Sir Alexander Price (Cliff Stornel): This English painer is using Winnipeg as his base of operations for a North American tour.

Astral Bloodraven

Ark'Tannas (Kyle Provo) After fleeing an Anarch gripped Las Vegas with his friend Shinkirou they arrived in Winnipeg to present themselves to the Camarilla. Will wonders never cease?

Faith (Logan Edwards): A former German soldier, Faith was turned when Hitler invaded Russia near the end of WWII, after being the only survivor of the invasion. Presently residing in Winnipeg, Faith is a collector of weaponry and a professional musician. Reconganizable for his Brujah-like appearance.



Oldryn Acris (Carmien Owen): Previously a resident of Queen Anne's Court in London, Oldryn has journeyed to Winnipeg after hearing of the various trials that the newly founded court has been facing. Mysterious, yet ever discerning, Oldryn spends much of the time observing the world. With a quick mind and an excellent sense of the traditions, Oldryn hopes that continued hard work and success will show the Court that not all stereotypes are omnipresent.

Elowin (Jason Dmyterko): One very naughty but nice Tremere. A Native American Shaman by birth, a Tremere by someone else's choice.

Darius Xerxes Zephyr (Daimien Thomas): Recently returned to Winnipeg, this notorious "warlock" has caused some turmoil.

David Thanatos (Tim): Another Tremere, maybe he'll be able to stay out of trouble?


Christopher Kennedy (Chris Barsanti): After a quick rise to power during his first stay in Winnipeg, Christopher abuptly left town. He returned a few months later a driven man and quickly rose to the position of Prince. Recently kidnapped by Nosferatu, he has withstood that ordeal and is back, perhaps with as-yet-unknown scars.

Leo Leducci (Craig Coyne): Raised a street thug, Leducci seemed an unlikely candidate for the Ventrue. His determination and his hunger for power proved that theory wrong. Smug in his Status and position, many are waiting for his inevitable fall.

Trevor Barrington III (David Harborne): The childe of Prince Kennedy, Trevor has proven himself as someone getting by on his own merit. The former Keeper, and present Primogen of Clan Ventrue has many friends and allies, and not a few enemies.

Tony Barton (Scott Craig): Quiet and unassuming, Tony is following the Ventrue way of rising through the ranks at Court.

Patricia Hawthorne (Meghann Exley): She left a husband in New Zealand for Leo Leducci. Let's hope he's worth it...

Raine Hart Walters

David Xanatos

Tress Deville (Katarina Beasse): A younge, red-haired girl who is new to the city...


The information on this page may be used IC by any Winnipeg-based character who would have access to the Harpy Records. All other characters must consider this information OOC. The only exception to this is the listing of Court Officers and Primogen, which may be used as IC by any player.